Whats We Do?

We have several professional technical developers and product operation specialists, and we focus on application development and operation.

  • App Design & Development
  • Web Design & Development
  • Marketing

App Design & Development

The Android app

The IOS app

The WeChat app

Web Design & Development

The background site

The Portal sites

The BBS sites


The IOS App promotion

The Android App promotion

Who We Are

The company was established in 2020, the company has 5 technical personnel, 7 marketing and operation personnel. We focus on the development, promotion and operation of IOS platform APP; aiming to continuously provide high-quality products for fruit fans.

We're Creative

We are a creative and motivated team, we are growing rapidly and becoming stronger and stronger .

We're Punctual

We are a very disciplined team with a strong sense of time. We move forward in an orderly way .

We're Responsible

We are a respectful and responsible team, we have valuable execution and action power .

We're Friendly

We are a friendly and united team with love and compassion, we are always ready to provide assistance to the weak forces .

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